New Website

New Website

We are tremendously excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. This new site is one of many intentional steps we are taking over the next year to make doing business with Compass different than any other insurance agency in Central Illinois!

We have 3 goals with our new site:

  • To provide our customers with online access to their insurance information
  • To provide our current and future customers with timely & relevant information to help them protect what's important to them
  • To educate future customers, agency partners, and company partners on the advantages of doing business with us

Current & Future Customers

In an effort to get our current and future customers the information that is most important to them (and not a bunch of irrelevant stuff), we've added sections for:

Please take some time to look around the new site! You can learn more about us, check out other blog posts, or learn about our new customer access.

Agency Partners

Our agency's goals are to grow in a strong and healthy way by serving our current customers' needs beyond their expectations, winning over new customers, & establishing new agency partnerships. If you are an agency owner in Central Illinois and are looking for an opportunity where your agency can continue on and thrive for decades in the future, we feel strongly that we may be the best choice for you! Click here to learn more about our values and what Compass has to offer.

In addition to providing insurance solutions to our customers, Compass has exclusive access to Provident's Fire Department program. If you see the opportunities we do with this amazing product and partnership, check out our Brokerage Services page.

Company Partners

The relationships we have with the insurance companies we represent is incredibly important to us. We constantly strive to maximize the partnership we have with our companies so our customers can rest assured that in addition to the value our agency brings, they have a company that will stand behind them when they need them the most. You can learn more about our companies here.

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