Uninsured Motorists are Out There. Are you ready for them?

Uninsured Motorists
No matter how many laws there are requiring vehicle insurance, people are driving without insurance. Getting in an accident with one of these motorists could be disastrous without proper coverage. Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist insurance covers injuries you sustain in an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance or who only has state mini...
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Protect That New-Car Smell

New Car
There's nothing like purchasing a brand-new car...the glistening dashboard, the never-before spilled on upholstery, that new-car smell...but just driving it off the lot depreciates the value significantly, on average 10% of the value with some models losing up to 50% nearly immediately . But, who cares, right?   As long as you are babying your...
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Self-Defense Aftermath: Homeowner’s Insurance Might Not Be Enough

A strange noise. Something awakens you in the middle of the night. There's an intruder in your home. You call out a warning. The intruder charges you. You're prepared to defend your family with the legal firearm you've practiced with and kept safely locked in your home just in case of this moment that you hoped would never come. But if your act of ...
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Oh, Deer. What Do I Do Now?

Deer Collision - Compass
It's that time of year. Crunching leaves, early darkness, and mating season...for the deer, that is. This beautiful season comes with an increased risk of hitting a deer with your vehicle, partially due to decreased visibility on cold late fall and early winter nights and also because of deer seeking mates. In fact the chance of hitting deer double...
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Risky Black Friday

Whether the midnight deals, cheerful crowds, and festive music of Black Friday shopping are your cup of tea or if you're more of a sit-at-home-in-your-pjs-online kind of shopper on the day after Thanksgiving, it can be a fun way to start the holiday season. However, there are some sneaky risks you want to watch out for so this crazy, fun tradition ...
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Understanding Coinsurance: Your Business

Coinsurance - Business
Do you have a coinsurance clause on your commercial property insurance? Do you know if the total insurable value of your property is reflected in the limit of insurance in your policy?  If you're not sure, you could open up your business to a significant coinsurance penalty. What is Coinsurance? Most commercial property policies include a coin...
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Understanding Coinsurance: Your Farm

Coinsurance - Farm
Insurance is all about trust.  After all, who has time to understand everything about all of your policies? They are complicated legal documents and you've got a farm to run! That's why working with an agent you trust, not only to be a good person but also to be an expert in the insurance you need, is so very important. One of the areas that w...
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Understanding Coinsurance: Your Home

Coinsurance - Home
Imagine that you had roof damage due to to thunderstorms coming through your area. The cost to repair the damage comes to $20,000. No problem. You have insurance for this, right? Yet, when you make a claim you are informed that your payout is only $12,000, leaving you to pay the additional $8,000 out of pocket to fix your roof. What happened??? You...
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Open Enrollment: NOW is the Time to Shop around for Health Insurance

Starting TODAY, November 1, 2017, you have six weeks to reevaluate your health insurance during the annual period of Open Enrollment that extends until December 15, 2017. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal government has designated a period of time to make changes in health insurance. Barring any qualifying life event...
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Insuring a 1099 Subcontractor

Insuring a 1099 Subcontractor
As a business owner, a 1099 employee or subcontractor is a beautiful thing. Referred to by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1099 Tax Form, these workers are not paid wages, salaries, and tips that might be reported on a W2 form. Rather, the business is using the 1099 form to report different, specific types of income aside from those listed for W...
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Wear the Bracelet: Scheduled Personal Property

Scheduled Personal Property
Imagine enjoying a beautiful day in the city with your family only to discover upon returning home that a valuable bracelet that you wore is missing, lost somewhere in your day's adventures. There is a sentimental loss, of course, but the personal property coverage on your homeowner's insurance should cover the financial loss, right? Maybe not. Man...
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Are Your Legs Covered?

Did you know that a pair of legs were once insured for $2 million dollars? It was in the 1940's and this astronomical amount translates to about a billion dollars in today's money. Crazy? Maybe. Of course, WHO the legs belonged to matters. This policy was taken out by the movie studio, Twentieth Century Fox, on the legs of the legendary movie star,...
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Time is Money: ACV v. Replacement Cost on Contractors’ Equipment

On a work site, when the equipment stops, everything stops. Whether a piece of equipment is damaged by an inexperienced operator, weather events, or theft, having proper coverage and a plan for replacement can make the difference in getting back on track and having a project delayed indefinitely.  And, as we all know, time is money. An Inland ...
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When the Sewer Water Hits the Fan

Tree roots. Aging sewer lines. Torrential rainstorms. Blocked municipal lines. These can all lead to sewer backups and it is not a pretty (or pleasant smelling) situation. When the sewer backs up into a home, damage to floors, walls, furniture, and electrical systems can lead to a significant claim. But you've got Homeowners Insurance, right? The B...
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Make a Plan for Long-Term Care

Long-term care
You've raised your kids, worked to retirement, and even have a little nest egg to enjoy during your golden years. These days should be grandbaby kisses and smooth sailing. You've earned it. But what about your care expenses in your latter years? Are you prepared for that? Each year an estimated 12 million Americans need some kind of long term care&...
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What does a Certificate of Insurance (COI) really mean?

Service Acords
It's spring and Nancy is ready to finally put that bathroom in her finished basement. She is so pleased when Joe, the owner of a reputable plumbing company in town, arrives to start the work. Nancy chats with Joe, gives a cursory look at the Certificate of Insurance (COI) he provides and work begins. All is well until...slip, boom, bang...Joe loses...
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For the Love of Your People: Term v. Permanent Life Insurance

For the Love of Your People: Term v. Permanent
People buy life insurance for all sorts of reasons. Some feel that it's a good investment. Some feel that it's just the thing that responsible adults should do. But the number one reason that people do (and SHOULD) buy life insurance is because of the people they love. Providing for those that depend upon you in case of your untimely death is the p...
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Firefighters: Is Your Personal Car Covered?

Fire Personal Vehicle Coverage
You get the call and your training kicks in. You jump in your car to quickly and safely rush to the scene. Your mind is on the task at hand...serving your neighbors and community. Yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in an accident en route. While it might be the last thing on your mind at that moment, eventually the following question...
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Coverage for Heroes: Guaranteed Replacement and Blanketing

Coverage for Heroes
Firefighters save homes and buildings all the time. Yet, often when an accident leads to a property loss such as the fire station building or their specialized tools, their coverage is often insufficient. That's why we offer comprehensive coverage for Fire Departments, big and small.  After all, even heroes need a little help sometimes. G...
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The BEST Value for Fire Department Apparatus is Agreed Value

Fire Departments, just like any other individual or business, invest in insurance to make certain that when a loss happens they can get back to business (in this case the business of saving lives and property) as quickly as possible. However, the type of insurance purchased for fire department apparatus makes a significant difference in how quickly...
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