Distracted Driving Just Isn’t Worth It

Distracted Driving
You've seen it. You look over at the car swerving slightly in the lane to your right, only to see the vehicle's driver looking down at their phone for a moment. You're in dangerous situation and a moment may be all it takes to forever change your life and countless others. If you're honest, you've probably been there too.  You're driving down ...
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OEM or Aftermarket Parts: What You Need to Know

OEM or Aftermarket Parts
Your car gets dinged up in an accident and your insurance agent and company does exactly what it needs to do. Before you know it, your car looks back to normal. Yet, when you look under the hood, you might find a very different picture depending upon your policy's inclusion of OEM parts. If your policy covers OEM parts the insurance company will re...
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Save on Car Insurance in 2018

Save on Car Insurance
Looking to save some cash in 2018? You might be able to shave off some of your car insurance costs with some savvy shopping! Find Discounts. Work with your agent to identify discounts for safe driving history, affiliations with organizations, or anti-theft devices. Do you have a vehicle that you drive less frequently? Low mileage discounts could he...
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The Easy Step You Might Forget

CIP The Easy Step You Might Forget
Are you reading this article on a phone? Do you have one in your pocket or handbag? If it's a SmartPhone with a built-in video camera, STOP READING and take a quick video of your home or business property. It could take you 15 or 20 minutes to go through the rooms in your home or office but it could save you HOURS of racking your brain to document ...
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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Tips to Protect Your Home

CIP It's Cold Outside
Well, the weather outside is frightful and most Central Illinoisans are ready for spring. However, as we have a few more weeks of cold weather, it's wise to try to do whatever you can to protect your property from damage due to wintry weather. The Good News A good Homeowners Insurance Policy probably covers most damage that can be caused by th...
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Moving Forward from Meltdown and Spectre

If you heard about Meltdown and Spectre flaws in the CPU systems of both Windows and Mac machines then you might be (understandably) freaked out. They were publicly announced earlier this month and security experts say these vulnerabilities could open the door for theft of private information and corporate data, not only on computer processors but ...
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Commercial Property: How to Weather the Storm

Winter is here and unpredictable weather events can cause serious damage to your commercial property. By taking a few proactive steps and getting the coverage you need, you can make sure the storms don't end up costing your company in a big way this winter. Roof Check Verifying the structural integrity of your property's roof is particularly import...
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New Year’s /INSURANCE/ Resolutions

If you have people who work for you or with you, the start of 2018 is a GREAT time to make sure your insurance is in order. TOP SEVEN IN 2018 [Drumroll, Please.] #7. Work Comp Coverage Uninsured third party subcontractors can wreak havoc on your business. Get the proper coverage to protect yourself and what you've built. #6. Car Rental Coverage Whe...
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Booking a trip in 2018? Consider Travel Insurance.

Compass Travel Insurance
Ahhh, vacation. Whether it's a beach or a mountain or a pool in a desert, getting away can be just the breath of fresh air that you need sometimes and planning it can be half the fun. What isn't fun, however, is when you invest the time and money into planning your dream vacation and life gets in the way. Here are a few types of travel insurance th...
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To Grandmother’s House We Go: Get Coverage for Holiday Hazards

Compass Travel Car Insurance
Over the river and through the woods...trips to see Grandparents and friends and family are among the most memorable parts of the holidays. Who doesn't love a good road trip? Games, snacks, songs, gas stations, fighting over the music selection, "He's bothering me!" and "Are we there yet?" OK. Let's be real. These road trips come with their own cha...
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Beware Holiday Cyber Security Breaches

Compass Cyber Security
We've all seen them...the "click HERE for your Christmas greeting" or "access your 60% discount by clicking HERE"...but those tricky emails are even more appealing during the holiday season when greetings and shopping are as common as the air we breathe. And, like it or not, your employees are accessing those potential security breaches at work...o...
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Celebrate Safely During This Holiday Season

christmas-xmas-fCompass Fire
While the warm glow of a fire on a wintery night is the stuff that holiday dreams are made of, there are some fiery glows that can mean catastrophe for your celebration. If You Must Fry That Bird, Do it Carefully. According the the National Fire Protection Association, deep-fryer fires cause more than $15 million dollars in property damage every ye...
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Auto Liability Coverage: Don't Get Caught Without Enough.

Auto Liability Coverage
Whether you drive a clunker or a luxury sedan, having an improperly insured vehicle on the road is asking for trouble. Of course, you want to have towing and car rental provisions, as well as coverage for physical damage for your vehicles, but the place that can really get you is your auto liability limits. Auto Liability covers the costs of injure...
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Uninsured Motorists are Out There. Are you ready for them?

Uninsured Motorists
No matter how many laws there are requiring vehicle insurance, people are driving without insurance. Getting in an accident with one of these motorists could be disastrous without proper coverage. Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist insurance covers injuries you sustain in an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance or who only has state mini...
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Protect That New-Car Smell

New Car
There's nothing like purchasing a brand-new car...the glistening dashboard, the never-before spilled on upholstery, that new-car smell...but just driving it off the lot depreciates the value significantly, on average 10% of the value with some models losing up to 50% nearly immediately . But, who cares, right?   As long as you are babying your...
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Self-Defense Aftermath: Homeowner’s Insurance Might Not Be Enough

A strange noise. Something awakens you in the middle of the night. There's an intruder in your home. You call out a warning. The intruder charges you. You're prepared to defend your family with the legal firearm you've practiced with and kept safely locked in your home just in case of this moment that you hoped would never come. But if your act of ...
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Oh, Deer. What Do I Do Now?

Deer Collision - Compass
It's that time of year. Crunching leaves, early darkness, and mating season...for the deer, that is. This beautiful season comes with an increased risk of hitting a deer with your vehicle, partially due to decreased visibility on cold late fall and early winter nights and also because of deer seeking mates. In fact the chance of hitting deer double...
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Risky Black Friday

Whether the midnight deals, cheerful crowds, and festive music of Black Friday shopping are your cup of tea or if you're more of a sit-at-home-in-your-pjs-online kind of shopper on the day after Thanksgiving, it can be a fun way to start the holiday season. However, there are some sneaky risks you want to watch out for so this crazy, fun tradition ...
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Understanding Coinsurance: Your Business

Coinsurance - Business
Do you have a coinsurance clause on your commercial property insurance? Do you know if the total insurable value of your property is reflected in the limit of insurance in your policy?  If you're not sure, you could open up your business to a significant coinsurance penalty. What is Coinsurance? Most commercial property policies include a coin...
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Understanding Coinsurance: Your Farm

Coinsurance - Farm
Insurance is all about trust.  After all, who has time to understand everything about all of your policies? They are complicated legal documents and you've got a farm to run! That's why working with an agent you trust, not only to be a good person but also to be an expert in the insurance you need, is so very important. One of the areas that w...
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