Are Your Legs Covered?

Did you know that a pair of legs were once insured for $2 million dollars? It was in the 1940's and this astronomical amount translates to about a billion dollars in today's money. Crazy? Maybe. Of course, WHO the legs belonged to matters. This policy was taken out by the movie studio, Twentieth Century Fox, on the legs of the legendary movie star,...
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Time is Money: ACV v. Replacement Cost on Contractors’ Equipment

On a work site, when the equipment stops, everything stops. Whether a piece of equipment is damaged by an inexperienced operator, weather events, or theft, having proper coverage and a plan for replacement can make the difference in getting back on track and having a project delayed indefinitely.  And, as we all know, time is money. An Inland ...
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When the Sewer Water Hits the Fan

Tree roots. Aging sewer lines. Torrential rainstorms. Blocked municipal lines. These can all lead to sewer backups and it is not a pretty (or pleasant smelling) situation. When the sewer backs up into a home, damage to floors, walls, furniture, and electrical systems can lead to a significant claim. But you've got Homeowners Insurance, right? The B...
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Make a Plan for Long-Term Care

Long-term care
You've raised your kids, worked to retirement, and even have a little nest egg to enjoy during your golden years. These days should be grandbaby kisses and smooth sailing. You've earned it. But what about your care expenses in your latter years? Are you prepared for that? Each year an estimated 12 million Americans need some kind of long term care&...
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What does a Certificate of Insurance (COI) really mean?

Service Acords
It's spring and Nancy is ready to finally put that bathroom in her finished basement. She is so pleased when Joe, the owner of a reputable plumbing company in town, arrives to start the work. Nancy chats with Joe, gives a cursory look at the Certificate of Insurance (COI) he provides and work begins. All is well until...slip, boom, bang...Joe loses...
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For the Love of Your People: Term v. Permanent Life Insurance

For the Love of Your People: Term v. Permanent
People buy life insurance for all sorts of reasons. Some feel that it's a good investment. Some feel that it's just the thing that responsible adults should do. But the number one reason that people do (and SHOULD) buy life insurance is because of the people they love. Providing for those that depend upon you in case of your untimely death is the p...
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Firefighters: Is Your Personal Car Covered?

Fire Personal Vehicle Coverage
You get the call and your training kicks in. You jump in your car to quickly and safely rush to the scene. Your mind is on the task at hand...serving your neighbors and community. Yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself in an accident en route. While it might be the last thing on your mind at that moment, eventually the following question...
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Coverage for Heroes: Guaranteed Replacement and Blanketing

Coverage for Heroes
Firefighters save homes and buildings all the time. Yet, often when an accident leads to a property loss such as the fire station building or their specialized tools, their coverage is often insufficient. That's why we offer comprehensive coverage for Fire Departments, big and small.  After all, even heroes need a little help sometimes. G...
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The BEST Value for Fire Department Apparatus is Agreed Value

Fire Departments, just like any other individual or business, invest in insurance to make certain that when a loss happens they can get back to business (in this case the business of saving lives and property) as quickly as possible. However, the type of insurance purchased for fire department apparatus makes a significant difference in how quickly...
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Eyes in the Sky: What Fire Departments Need to Know

Fire Department Drones
How many times have you been to call and wished you could just see the building and fire at another angle...that you could get a full perspective before getting in there? Or wouldn't it be valuable if you could just see how effective your efforts to fight the fire are in real time, allowing you to adjust your approach as necessary? A manned aircraf...
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Need a Commercial Bond? We Can Help

Commercial Bonds
Running a business comes with many requirements. Between taxes and licenses and registration, not to mention all the day-to-day operational concerns, owners have an overwhelming list of hoops to jump through. Though purchasing needed commercial bonds can feel like just another item on the list, working with a knowledgeable agent can help make the p...
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Get Your LIFE Right

Life Insurance
You need life insurance. Even though 85% of consumers agree with that statement, only 62% have it. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of U.S. households with dependent children would struggle to meet their needs within only months in a situation where the primary wage earner died. That is scary. And even if you do have life insurance, without an ann...
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Protect Assets with a Personal Umbrella

Everyone knows that you need Homeowner's Insurance to cover your home and personal property. And we wouldn't dream of driving around without car insurance. After all, having vehicle liability insurance is the law. However, no matter how good your insurance, a catastrophic accident where you are at fault can easily exceed the limits of your policies...
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Required or Not, Work Comp is a Smart Move on the Farm

Anyone who has ever worked on a farm knows that it is hard, and often hazardous, work. Injuries happen and that takes a toll on the productivity of the operation. Despite this inherent risk, Illinois "Agricultural Enterprises" that employ fewer than 400 working days of agricultural labor per quarter during the preceding calendar year have an e...
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Car Renters Beware

There's nothing better than jetting around on vacation in a fancy rental car. It's exciting to indulge in that red convertible or family van with all the bells and whistles. But before you enjoy this perk of vacationing, make sure that you know what your existing automobile insurance policy covers and what it does not. You could be suckered into bu...
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Insure Smart, Landlords

Owning rental property can be a great investment, but if you don't want that investment to become more of a burden than a blessing, make sure to properly protect it. 1. Understand  Your Property Coverage . Un derstanding your rental insurance coverages is absolutely critical. Because there is a desire to manage expenses, agents will often...
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Hire Right. Fire Less.

We're Hiring!
Hiring great employees is the goal of every supervisor. We all know it makes everyone's jobs easier and BETTER when the team is put together properly. It also costs significantly less in regards to time, money, and productivity to hire the RIGHT person the FIRST time, rather than cycling through multiple people in the same position. In order to set...
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Fallen Tree Fallout: Know Your Coverage

Falling Tree
A philosopher may ask, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" We can't answer that. But if it falls on your property, it could very well do some damage, whether it happens quietly or not. Worse, your tree could fall on your neighbor's property...damaging a roof or a car. There are costs involved not onl...
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Rented Ground: What Could Go Wrong?

Adequate Liability Insurance
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is really tempting to skimp on insurance for bare dirt. After all, what liability could there possibly be with just dirt? You might be surprised to know the extent of exposure you have, even without a structure on that piece of property. Rod's London Bridge Our classic example at Compass comes from a clien...
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Insurance for the Graduate? Check.

It's that time of year. The diplomas have been given. The caps have been exuberantly tossed in the air. The parental tears have been shed. Now, that day you've been dreading...or looking forward to...or, most likely, a little bit of both...has finally arrived. YOUR KID IS GOING OFF TO COLLEGE. The summer months will be a flurry of activity as you g...
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